Is the United States Postal Service watching YOUR mail?

Mail Cover


The post office regulations permit the secret monitoring of your mail called a “mail cover," a form of warrantless surveillance, in which the envelope information on every card and letter received is secretly recorded by the Post Office, then passed to federal law enforcement or intelligence officials. Courts have ruled that Americans have no reasonable expectation of privacy in the address information on their mail.

The Administrative Support Manual here also explains the requirements for a postal mail cover here.  The initiation of a mail cover is begun with a “Mail Cover Request, Publication 55” here.

Whether you are a criminal or a peaceful, vocal activist, you may want to request data on your mail cover via the FOIA. The Postal Service requirements for the FOIA are provided here. You will probably have to litigate in US District Court. Be prepared. Sign up at PACER.GOV and read some of the FOIA cases.

There are certain exemptions in the FOIA listed here.

DO NOT FORGET to include in your request that you DO NOT want copies of your mail which was recorded, as you know what mail you received and should want to save a few dollars.

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